This User Manual contains all essential information for the users to make full use of Modecsoft ElectricalOM. It includes descriptions and capabilities of functions, contingencies and alternate modes of operation, and step-by-step procedures.

Modecsoft ElectricalOM is an innovative electrical design solution for LV distribution network modelling and analysis in accordance with BS 7671,  with auto layout schematic diagrams, cable sizing calculations and validations, maximum demand and voltage drop analysis, protective devices discrimination study with manufacturer’s specific data, power factor correction sizing, professional and comprehensive reporting and much more…!

All in one intuitive and user friendly environment!

ElectricalOM helps a large number of electrical engineers perform their tasks fast and with accuracy. Furthermore ElectricalOM is used by academic institutions during electrical engineering courses.


  • Interactive Calculations Environment
    All the necessary calculations and checks are performed in accordance with BS7671. During the electrical design ElectricalOM acts interactively and indicates to the user useful calculations and validation checks at any part of the electrical network.
  • Schematics
    During designing, the distribution boards are automatically arranged for maximum productivity. The user can modify the position and the orientation of each distribution circuit by moving or rotating it.
  • Protective devices discrimination study
    ElectricalOM checks all the protective devices in the electrical installation and warns the engineer about problems discovered during over current and earth fault discrimination study. This is done using the devices time-current curves or manufacturer’s specific data.
  • CAD based Plan Design Add-on
    Create electrical plan design drawings and automate the electrical design modelling by collecting information for the circuit calculations such as cable lengths and installation points per circuit.
  • Reports
    Various calculation reports are available. Also a bill of quantities report can be created with a user defined price list of the materials to estimate the cost of the electrical installation modelled.
  • Quality, Service and Support
    We believe in offering our customers, efficient service and informative support from our qualified experienced engineers. For our software we offer direct online support and updates.