Circuit Details Tab will list the circuits connected to a selected distribution node as a list where the user can see various settings at once and can manipulate them if necessary. If another distribution circuit is connected to the selected distribution node, then, circuits connected to the secondary distribution node will not be displayed on the list.

However, if a Source is selected, then, ElectricalOM will list all of the circuits connected to the selected source. Double clicking a row will automatically navigate to the Circuit Edit Tab of the selected circuit.

If a final circuit is selected, then, all the circuits connected to the same distribution circuit will be listed and the selected final circuit will be highlighted.

The Circuit Details Module's lists accept multiple selection in order to enable the user to be able to apply changes to the selected circuits at once. This can be done in various ways:

  • by selecting a circuit and using Up/Down Arrow keys while holding the shift key,
  • by selecting a circuit, holding the Shift key and selecting another circuit. ElectricalOM will select the circuits between two selection automatically,
  • by selecting multiple circuits while holding the Ctrl key. ElectricalOM will select each circuit clicked on individually.

Apart from above, the user may also chose to initiate the right-click menu to access further quick selection options:

  • Select Similar: This option will give the opportunity to select circuits sharing same properties at once. First, the user needs to select a reference circuit and then initiate the right click menu. Any selection from Select Similar list will cause ElectricalOM to select all circuits with the same property as the reference circuit from the listed items.

  • Select from Schematic: If the user wants to select circuits from the schematic rather than the list, then, Select from Schematic option can be used. First, the user needs to select the circuits required from the Schematics module and navigate back to Circuit details module. In order to be able to use the right click menu, the user must select one random item from the list and then, from the right click menu, once the Select from the Schematic option is selected, ElectrcialOM will select the circuits that were previously selected by the user.
  • Select All: This option will select all the items currently listed.

Circuit details Module's right click menu also provides some other quick actions:

  • Edit circuit...: This will cause ElectricalOM to navigate to the Circuit edit Module and display data related with the selected circuit. If multiple circuits are selected, then, the last item will be shown.
  • Select circuit: When a circuit is selected from the Circuit details Module's list, this selection does not affect the selection at the System Tree Section. If Select circuit option is selected, after a selection from the list, then, ElectricalOM will also select the same circuit from the System Tree Section. If multiple circuits are selected, only the last selected item will be selected from the system tree.
  • Scroll to selection:
  • Clear selection: This will clear the list and remove any selection done previously.

The structure of the Circuit Details Module is similar to other modules of ElectricalOM. It has two layered tabs row, first row being reserved for two main tabs which will dictate which circuits will be displayed by the subordinate tabs:

  • Single phase: will only list single phase circuits connected to the selected node
  • Three phase: will only list three phase circuits connected to the selected node

Subordinate tabs are located at the lower row:

See following sections for more details on tabs.