System Tree Section is located at the left hand side of ElectrcialOM's main screen and it represents the designed system as a tree as shown below.

As mentioned before, modelling in ElectrcialOM involves inserting circuits and connecting them to each other. Mainly the Insert menu is used for this purpose and it can be accessible from the System Tree Section via right mouse click, however, for final circuits which are shown as empty in ElectrcialOM by default, double clicking will also add a circuit to the distribution way.

Circuits are grouped according to their types and where they are fed. For example, DB1 is fed from the source, TSO, and DB2 is fed from DB1. As a result, TSO is at the upper most level, then DB1 is at level 1, where final circuits and DB2 which are fed from DB1 are at level 2, and finally, final circuits fed from DB2 are at level 3.

If there is a circuit(s) fed from a circuit, then, next to this distribution circuit ElectrcialOM will convert this point to a node and display an expansion point represented by + or - inside a square. Using this toggle switch, the user can hide or unhide the circuits which are fed from the related distribution circuit. If there are multiple distribution circuits within the designed system and the user wants to contract all the distribution circuits at once, then, Collapse tree nodes button can be used. This button is located at the System Tree section toolbar.

If there are any warnings (depending on the state of the warning type -visible/ignored-) with regards to a circuit, this particular circuit will be indicated as red.

All copy/cut/paste, delete, etc. options, selection actions except multiple selection, and right click menu are available and can be accessed from System Tree section. Also a toolbar is available for some shortcuts on top of the system tree section (left to right):

  • Print network tree

Refer to Print network tree

  • Zoom In/Out

This will set the font used in the system tree area larger/smaller.

  • Collapse tree nodes

See above.

  • Zoom to selection

When the user selects an object from the system tree, ElectrcialOM will zoom to the selected object if the Schematic module is selected.

  • Tree network options menu

Refer to Tree network options menu.

  • Show selected element

Refer to Show selected element.

  • Select the upstream circuit

Refer to Select the upstream circuit.

  • Templates

Refer to Templates.