Minimum conductor sizes...

ElectrcialOM lets the users to set minimum conductor sizes for each type of circuits both single phase and three phase, see Final Circuits - 3Ph & 1Ph section for final circuit types. As default, there are no minimum size is set and all the data will be shown as N/A when Minimum conductor sizes... table is displayed.

User can select different minimum conductor sizes (in mm²) for Phase&Neutral (Phase/N) and circuit protection conductor (CPC) individually, and also, different minimum conductor sizes can be set for copper and aluminium conductors for the same final circuit. Each column has a drop down menu at the bottom where standard conductor sizes are listed according to the material (copper or aluminium). Once the required values are set using the drop down menus, then Apply must be clicked to apply the new settings.  If multiple rows will be manipulated, the user can chose to set all the values and click on Apply all to apply all the settings instead if applying each row separately.

If a value is set for a circuit, then, values less than the set value will not be displayed in the C.S.A (mm²) / Rating menu under Circuit edit module.

Once Apply or Apply all button clicked ElecterialOM will update the conductor sizes to the minimum conductor size set by the user regardless of connected load or protection device rating. So, if there are issues with regards to the connected load, the protection device rating, and minimum conductor size, then, ElectricalOM will display warnings indicating the related circuits.