Board Extension is useful when the user wants to model a split load board where circuits are split into multiple groups which have their of protective devices. This sub menu offers a 3Ph and a 1Ph option where the 3Ph option is not available if dealing with a single-phase board. It should be noted that this option is available for a Distribution Board only and not for a Switch Board.

In order to create an extension, the user will either rick click on a distribution board directly from Schematic Module or System Tree section or select a distribution board and use the Actions menu. ElectrcialOM will create an extension using an AC type, 32A, RCCB rated at 30mA instant by default.

There is no limit how many Board Extensions can be used, however, the number of ways of the distribution board may need increasing to accommodate new extensions. If the DB does not have enough ways to accommodate the extension, ElectrcialOM will warn the user to modify the number of ways.

Number of ways of a Board Extension can also be altered in the same way as described in Distribution Board section. The user should select the Board Extension first and follow the same procedure.