• Auto calculate circuits: If this option is disabled, ElectricalOM will not calculate various values even if changes have been made to the system and will flag a warning in the Warnings Section, and also, the supply will be highlighted with red.

    • Auto calculate selectivity: As name suggest, if this option is unticked, then EledctricalOM will not check selectivity.
    • Enable protective devices fault current limiting: This option will enable the tick box for Fault current limiting feature. Refer to Protective Devices Tab.
    • Apply board diversity to the upstream board: If a diversity factor is applied to a distribution node, this affects both the board it is applied and upstream circuit. If this options is enabled, then, the diversity factor set for the selected distribution node will only be reflected to the upstream circuit and will not affect the selected distribution node. This is used when user wants to size the cable and protection device for the board without accounting the board's diversity value (this does not affect the diversity values of the final circuits connected to this board). The diversity setting of 0.5 is applied to the DB3 (rightmost distribution board with 13A load) and resulting values are shown below.