Protective Devices tab displays protective devices and related options for a circuit. There are 10 columns:

  • Circuit: This column displays the circuits' description including the feeder nodes' prefixes.

  • Protective device: This column displays the circuit protection device of a circuit. It is important to notice an RCD is not considered as a circuit protection device and is displayed under the RCD device column. Also for information, this column represents the Circuit Protection subordinate tab (not Incomer disconnection/Isolation tab) of Protective Devices tab of the Circuit Edit module for distribution circuits. Once clicked on the title button, Protective Device Selection window is displayed where the user may modify the device by using the Change... button or may chose not to use one using the Use tick box. Change button will initiate the Selection of protective device window. RCD and RCCB options are disabled.

If there was no circuit protective device defined, then, once the title button is clicked, a default selection of 160A BS88 fuse will be displayed. The user may select the required device using the Change... button.

  • RCD device: This column displays any RCDs used for a circuits. The title button will initiate the Protective Device Selection window and Change... button will initiate the Selection of protective device window where this time options other than RCD and RCCB will be unavailable.

  • Poles: This column displays the number of poles of the protective device used. The user may choose to modify this value by using the title button. The options will differ if the selected circuit is a single- or three-phase circuit.

  • RCD Class: This column displays the class if the RCD used with a circuit. This can be modified by using the title button.

  • RCD as additional protection: The user can mark an RCD as additional protection device by selected required circuits and ticking this tick box.
  • Hide Icu(kA): This column displays the visual state of breaking capacity if the protective device. If it is hidden then the Icu of the selected protective device(s) will be visible on schematics.

  • In/Ir: This column displays the rating of the protective device. If an adjustable device is used this column will display the set value. This column cannot be modified by the user.
  • Ib: This column displays the design current of a circuit. This column cannot be modified by the user.
  • Motor overload: This column will display the overload current due to a motor on a circuit. This value will be the current set for a motor starter (see, Motor settings) or if no starter is used, it will be equal to the design current. This column cannot be modified by the user.