Circuit functions accommodates options as shown below:

  • Calculate diversity factors
  • Convert phase (3ph<->1ph)
  • Multi paste
  • Paste replace
  • Convert Distribution Board to Switchboard (or Convert Switchboard to Distribution Board)
  • Disconnect

  • Calculate diversity factors

This command will calculate the diversity factors for the selected board only.

If the Source is selected, the, ElectricalOM will calculate diversity factors for all the board connected to the active part of the system. This will use diversity factors set by the user for each board which may not be the same for each board and update the values accordingly.

The diversity factors which will be used by ElectricalOM can be set in two different ways. Please refer to Source section for Premises & Diversity settings to set a default setting or to Circuit Edit Module for Location/Description of the Installation settings under Other details tab to set a different option for individual boards than the default setting.

  • Convert phase (3ph <-> 1ph)

This will convert any three-phase component to a corresponding single-phase component or vice versa. Once clicked, ElectrcialOM will prompt the user to approve conversion.

If a single phase component is going to be converted to a three phase component, ElectricalOM will display a warning window to indicate that the next two successive ways of the corresponding board will be used to accommodate the new three phase component. If there are any other components connected to these successive ways, then, they will be deleted.

Also, in order to convert a single phase component to a three phase component, it has to be connected to L1 (first phase) otherwise ElectricalOM will display a message window and cancel the operation. In this case, the single phase component must be moved to L1 before being converted to a three phase component.

If the user tries to convert a single phase component and the supply to it is not three phase (e.g. component is supplied via a 1Ph DB), then, ElectricalOM will display a message indicating the supply is not compatible. In this case, prior to converting the desired component, the user must convert the supplying component to a three phase component first.

  • Multi paste

Multi paste option is very useful when the user wants to paste a copied circuit, however, this option is for a single circuit. If the user copied multiple circuits then multi paste option is not available. In order to use multi paste, the user can select an empty way either from the system tree or from the schematic and select multi paste option followed by the number of intended circuits to be pasted.

If the user wants to multi paste a circuit and the board does not have enough ways to accommodate all the intended circuits, or, there is already another circuit on the ways which will be used for multi paste, then. ElectricalOM will multi paste the copied circuit only to first available ways of the board.

  • Paste replace

This option is specifically designed for switchboards. Switchboards do not define a fixed way number to connected circuits. If a circuit is deleted, then the location will not be reserved and other circuits will be shifted which makes it difficult to add a circuit to the location which was occupied by another circuit previously. Paste and replace will paste a copied circuit to the location of an existing circuit deleting it.