Windows 10 has a facility to scale the screen to make it easy to the users to see the contents of the screen when on small screens set to high resolutions, mainly with laptop screens. This feature however might cause ElectricalOM's screen to look blurry. If you experience such issue, please follow the steps below to stop Windows to re-scale the screen and use ElectricalOM's original scale factor. After these settings are applied, ElectricalOM screen will look sharper, however, as the scaling is 100% now, but not 125% for example, contents will look smaller.

First of all, the user must navigate to where ElectricalOM is installed. Default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\MODECSOFT Ltd but as it can be changed during the installation, this may not be the case. We advice the user to perform a search for the ElectricalOM.exe file. After locating the ElectricalOM executable file, a right-click will bring the Properties window up.

Then, step indicated below must be followed. If the user wants to revert the changes, then, the same steps can be followed and tick boxes can be removed.