Design defaults Tab

  • Phase prefix: Users can set their own abbreviations for phases using the fields marked as L1, L2, and L3. The phase fields are restricted with two characters. Changing this setting will affect new items only, existing items will keep the previous setting.

  • Main supply orientation: There are four options available to select; Up, Down,Left , and Right. 

This will change the default orientation of the schematics as shown below:

  • Main supply orientation - Up:

  • Main supply orientation - Down:

  • Main supply orientation - Left:

  • Main supply orientation - Right:

An point should be noted that changing the orientation setting will not affect the existing components connected to an existing supply. The setting will be applicable for new components connected to new supplies within the project. In order to change orientation of existing components, the user shall use right-click menu and initiate Rotate left, Rotate right or Mirror commands on any highlighted object.

  • Phase colour scheme: The user can switch between two colour scheme:
  • Brown - Black - Grey
  • Red - Yellow - Blue

  • Default - Show circuit length: While creating circuits, user needs to define conductor/cable lengths in order to get accurate calculations. As default, this option is disabled but ElectricalOM may be set to show these conductor/cable length data on the schematics as default by checking this tick box.

When the user ticks or unticks the box next to this option, ElectricalOM will warn the user to restart the application in order the changes take effect. This option affects only new conductors/cables and existing conductor/cable length setting will not be affected.

If the user wants to show or hide lengths for specific conductors/cables, than, Circuit Details Module tab shall be used, please refer to this section for more details. details about 

  • Default - Compacted mode distribution circuits: This option is used to show/hide final circuits on the schematic. It is disabled as default but can be set as it is enabled as default. This option affects new items only and does not change the state of any existing item.

DB1 is in Expanded mode.

DB1 is in Compact mode.

If the user wants to toggle between compact mode and expanded mode, then, right-click menu shall be used. First, the corresponding board needs to be selected, then, from the right-click menu either "Enter compacted mode" (if the board is in expanded mode) or "Leave compacted mode" (If the board is in compact mode) can be selected by the user to switch between modes.

  • Predefine Cable Display Scheme: The default setting for displaying cable information on schematics is "Make-up" but it can be changed by using the drop down list as desired. This option will not affect existing scheme and will be used for new cables.

    • Make-up: will display Line, Neutral and CPC cross-sections, cable type, and, if enabled, cable length information over the related cable.
    • Cable ID: will display the cable ID only over the related cable.
    • Make-up and Cable ID: will display both Make-up and Cable ID information over the related cable.

If user wants to change the scheme for a specific cable, Conductor tab under the Circuit details module tab can be used. Cable can be highlighted by clicking to the corresponding row, and then, "Display Scheme" button can be clicked to change cable display scheme as desired. Again, multiple rows can be selected to a bulk change.

  • Circuit prefix and description in separate lines: This option will display prefix and description on two likes rather than a single line.

Once the setting is changed, to refresh the existing components, refresh button must be clicked.