Project info Tab

The data entered here will mostly be used on project report and on drawing title blocks. Except the "Calculation scenarios" section, none of the sections does not interfere with any kind of calculation or modelling tasks. See below for explanation for the sections:

  • Project info: Project details which will be shown on project report and drawing title blocks. Date field has a quick-pick option which can be activated by clicking on the calendar icon as shown below.

  • Designer office info: Office and stuff details which will be shown on project report and drawing title blocks. The Logo can be updated by clicking on the current logo and picking up a new logo picture. JPG, PNG and BMP files can be used. When the "Reset" button clicked, the Modecsoft logo will be used as the company logo.

The user has the option to predefine the values by using the User defaults tab, which will be explained later, and quick fill the fields using the "Predefined" button. Apart from Predefined option, user also has the option to define multiple entries which can be used as needed. This is done by help of the "Save - Load..." button.

In order to save the entered data or load an already saved data, click on "Save - Load ..." button. You can define a Description for the record so you can easily identify it later on, then, click on "Save" and this will save the data as a record to the "Stored records" list.

To load a saved record, select the desired record from the "Stored records" list and click on "Load" button.

To delete a saved record, select the record you like to delete and click on "Delete" button. After you click on delete, a message window will pop up asking you to confirm to delete the record. If you want to proceed simply click on "Yes" if you do not want to delete the record selected, click on "No".