Let-Through energy selectivity checks Section

This section is reserved for energy based selectivity check settings. The Disable box can be unticked to enable those checks to be performed and related warnings to be displayed by ElectricalOM. The energy based selectivity can be checked in two ways:

  • Based on the minimum fault level
  • Based on the maximum fault level

Apart form this, the user may also opt to check energy based selectivity for circuit breakers also. In this case, the Include selectivity checks based on energy let-through curves... box must be ticked.

If this box is ticked, all the circuits will be checked by ElectricalOM. It must be noted that the checking selectivity between circuit breakers in regard to let-through energy is a mathematical concept using let-through energy curves and is not referred to by any regulation or any manufacturer. This option is provided to enable some users to design a more accurate system however not required.