The user may like to define a location and a description associated with the source by typing in the text boxes next to each option. It is also possible to define a level either by typing in a value or using the up and down arrow buttons. If the three dots box is clicked, then the Premises type will automatically copied to the Description text box.

ElectricalOM can apply diversity factors to the project according to the user's settings. Premises type can be set by means of the drop down list. After defining a premises type, the user may select a calculation method for diversity, however, only option is IET's Guidance Note 1 Table H2 at the moment using the drop down list, Diversity calculation method.

Once these two options are set, the user may enable the Apply changes to all boards of the supply during saving options and so let ElectrcialOM to apply the set premises type parameters to all boards supplied from the selected source.

It is also possible to apply diversity factors individually to each board independently. Please refer to Other details Tab.