ElectricalOM provides a manual drawing mode if there is a need to add something on the schedules. Drawing modes can only be activated if there is an existing source, if there is no existing source then ElectrcialOM will warn the user with a pop up window.

Two types of drawing modes are available depending o the intended purpose:

  • Drawing Mode, and,
  • Drawing mode on entity

The buttons associated with the drawing modes work like a ON/OFF switches and once click they will activate the related modes until clicked on again which will deactivate the drawing mode. Both Drawing mode and Drawing mode on entity will display additional toolbars and a command bar when activated.

The difference between the two modes: 

  • Drawing mode will save the manually drawn objects at the location where they are drawn and they become non-movable. Only way to move these manually drawn objects is again via the Drawing mode.
  • Drawing mode on entity requires the user to select a component beforehand and will associate the manually drawn object with this selected component. Associated component will be highlighted by a red rectangle with purple fill colour. This drawing mode will move the manually drawn object together with its associated component.

If the user wants to modify a manually added object, it can be done so by activating the same drawing mode used while drawing it.

Drawing Mode Toolbars and Command Bar

When a drawing mode is  activated, three additional toolbars at the top of the drawing area and a command bar at the bottom of the drawing area will be displayed.

Any command can be initiated from the toolbars as well as from the command bar by typing in commands. As the user types in, ElectricalOM will suggest commands by a dynamic pop up list. Double clicking on an option or selecting it (the option will be highlighted by blue colour) by either up/down arrow keys or by left mouse button following Enter key will initiate the command.

For detailed descriptions of toolbars please refer to following sections.