One of the most important features of switch boards is their ability to accept multiple supplies either from multiple sources or from other distribution nodes.

  • Multiple supply from multiple sources

In order to connect two sources to a switch board, first, the switch board must already be connected to one source.

Then, the user needs to right click on the switch board either from the Schematic Module or the System Tree Section, and use Install supply from... option which will display the Supply Selection window. This windows will list all the possible supplies that can be connected to the selected switch board.

The user can select the source required to be connected to the selected switch board and click OK button. ElectricalOM will connect this supply to the switchboard via switches.

ElectricalOM allows the user to manipulate the switched by either double clicking on an open switch or by using the right click menu. Closed switches cannot be opened.

Please refer to Switches configurations in Functions Menu section for more details on switches.

  • Multiple supplies from other distribution nodes

A switchboard can also be supplied from multiple supply circuits both from the same or  a different distribution node. The procedure is the same as described above. In fact, if there is another distribution node available, this will also be listed on the Supply Selection list together with any available source.

If the user selects a distribution node as a supply, ElectricalOM will create a connection between this node and the selected switchboard.

Multi-supply option is available both for three phase and single phase circuits.

It is important to understand that even if multiple supplies are connected to a single switch board, they will not run at the same time in parallel and only one of the sources can be active at a time. In order to model a parallel supply operation, please refer to Parallel source operation... under Functions Menu.

The user may also insert a generator to a switch board directly by using the Switchboard functions and selecting Install immediate supply option