Insert symbols from file...

In some cases the users may want to import symbols to ElectrcialOM. This can be done by using this option. ElectricalOM will accept DWG, DXF, DGN, and VDML files. When a file is selected by using the Browse... window, ElectricalOM will extract existing blocks within the drawing and list them for the user to pick the ones required to be imported to ElectricalOM database. Using the Import symbols windows, the user can modify the Name, Legend description and Category fields which will be used once the symbol is imported. The selected symbols will be imported once the users clicks on OK button.

  • Replace symbols with the same name and category tick box can be used to replace an existing symbol with an imported one as long as the name and the category fields are identical.
  • Scale symbols tick box will use the scale value to resize the imported symbols with respect to their original size.

After the symbol is imported, it will appear within the symbol icons area immediately.