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Beta testing version:

ElectricalOM beta - Download (2023.03.2302)

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Improvements & Bug fixes

10.01: Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment 3Ph and 3Ph+N option

18.01: Ability to define duct sizes upto 300mm

01.02: Revit sync improvements

02.02: Analytical report will indicate the calculation status

20.02: Fix in UK forms 2 pages DB schedules not showing the other cable type

20.02: CAD plan now can auto create circuit after array symbol insertion

20.02: Ability to define separate cpc conductor of any size (1-1000mm²) when selecting the element conductor (Cu, Al)

20.02: Ability to show another photo in the details of the observation report, proving the rectification done

21.01: Ability to to define earthing notes that will appear in the main supply report

01.03: Fixes when accessing the Revit families EOM properties when having non-powered electrical systems in the model

01.03: Extra ERA correction factors for cables installed in ground

02.03: Label size will now be applied on the untethered DB placeholder symbol

02.03: Arc flash study uses the correct device when setting the upstream device setting

08.03: Revit EOM family profiles will consider the family types when identifying the families used in the model

14.03: Star/Delta Motor improvements

14.03: 3m rule will be only considered when checking the option for overload device possition based on BS7671 Reg 433.2

14.03: Extra board label options to show the Voltage and Frequency

15.03: Revit eom parameters import will sync the native wire type and device rating parameters. The option needs to be checked first in the EOM export/import options in Revit

New functionality

10.01: Lighting inspection Devices list can be exported to excel

12.01: Ducts configuration for grouping

12.01: Add spares circuits function for switchboard elements

03.02: Conductor energy losses calculations and report

03.07: UK Forms - Ability to generate an email with the certificate/report details and pdf attachment ready for submission to the client

03.08: SPD can be defined at the incomer side of Distribution circuits

03.15: Insert Junction box in-between circuit function

03.15: Export to Excel of the UK Forms DB Schedule

03.22: CAD Plan: Ability to create a wiring section from an existing polyline figure

03.22: UK Forms: Ability to copy a value below in the Emergency Lights Devices list

03.22: Ability to define origin point for the voltage drops and to user define the max. voltage drop limit at each distrubution circuit

03.22: Ability to show the design current (Ib) on the selectivity study curves

03.22: New report to show the adjustable devices settings and the corresponding Max Zs

03.22: Ability to visualise the overcurent and earth fault curves separetly in the selectivity study


10.01: Siemens 3V1 MCCBs Backup Protection Tables

18.01: Siemens 5SY6 EN 60947-2 MCBs

18.01: Siemens 2VA MCCBs Backup Protection Tables with 5SY6 MCBs

18.01: RCBOs Acti9 C60 6kA 2P,3P,4P

18.01: Proteus Obsolete MCCB F51 250A

24.01: EATON PLS6 MCBs



24.03: Schneider Acti9 C60 RCBOs 10kA/15kA 2P,3P,4P

31.01: WEG aR Class High Speed Fuses

03.02: Hager HW+ ACBs

20.02: Legrand DPX3 MCCBs Electronic, Thermomagneric 250-1600A

01.03: Manually operated Schneider Electric NS Micrologic MCCBs

02.03: Siemens 3WA SENTRON ACBs


10.01: NHXCH E30 and NHXCH E90 Life safety Cables

24.01: Chainflex® CF37.D Multicore Motor cable

24.01: Chainflex® CF300.UL.D Single-core cable

08.02: Revised tri-rated cable data

01.03: Prysmian FP500 Fire Resistant Control Cable


20.02: GLS Busbars 25, 40, 63A