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Improvements & Bug fixes

08.01: Quick way to refresh the license from Help > About

12.01: Bunched cables option for grouping factor

16.01: EC - Extra cable/core option. This will cover the requirement to use an extra core/cable, including the final and distribution circuits. This option has replaced the emergency lighting option.

18.01: UK Forms: Setting to exclude the non-tested circuit details from the DB schedules

25.01: Ability to include the sources in the Bill of Quantities report

25.01: Show cable's installation method in schematic

25.01: New DC Circuits section in the circuit details and Arc flash area

29.01: Function to update all lighting column cables in the circuit editor

29.01: Function to update all lighting fixture cables of the street lighting arrangement in the circuit editor

11.02: New code "&f_isc_max_board" that can be used to display the maximum fault current in kA at the board when generating excel based reports

11.02: New code "&f_supply_from" to display the supply from circuit

11.02: New code "&f_db_ways" to display the board ways

11.02: New code "&f_db_incoming_cable" to display the board's incoming cable

11.02: New code "&f_db_spare_per" to display the board's spare way's percentage

20.02: CAD plan spaces: ability to adjust the space text visibility

01.03: Included stage and status options in the project info area

20.04: Elements with warnings have different colour based on the warning type

20.04: Auto cable ID from circuit details

27.04: The earthing electrode resistance (Re) can be defined directly from the fault levels area when defining a TT system

02.05: Consideration for reg. 522.8.10 for buried cables in ducts

02.05: Extra cables in the meter tails selection and meter tails cable on main supply report

02.05: Ability to update the inspection schedules outcome on an existing EIC/EICR from a MobileEOM file

02.05: Maximum cable length for voltage drop is now included on the analytical calculations report

10.05: Minimum phase fault at starting point is shown on the analytical reports and properties

New functionality

29.01: Street lighting columns auto creator

20.02: CAD plan space: Hatch grid function for spaces

20.04: Ability to update all lighting columns and fixture details of the same street lighting arrangement

20.04: Ability to update all PV String panel properties of the same PV array

20.04: Ability to set the position of the incomer SPD

20.04: Cable Euro Class builder

20.04: Ability to overwrite circuit impedances based on the test results (R1,R2)

22.04: ZSI - Logic Selectivity (Generic option)

25.04: Extended LV/LV transformer settings

25.04: IT System 1st fault/RA max calculations and report for Signalling Power Systems

25.04: Ability to define the L-N and L-E fault levels separetly on a 3-Phase system

26.04: Gapped CPC option

27.04: Simplified fault level settings as per the IET Guidance Note 3, Section 2.6.17, for the user defined 3-Phase supply

29.04: Cables in fire: Apply the fire conditions when calculating earth faults

10.05: Dwg export selected function for cad based cable schedules



08.01: Proteus New MC MCCBs

11.01: Proteus Devices Selectivity and Cascading tables

16.01: Generic EV RCCBs EN 62955

16.01: Scolmore Elucian Protective devices

18.01: SE NSX breakers Cascading tables updates

25.01: Vicfuses DC

29.01: Chint RCBOs/AFDDs devices

19.02: Legrand DMX3 ACBs

01.03: Matt:e MCBs MTE/M 15-63 and RCBOs MTE/G 15

01.03: Nader NDB1-63 MCBs

01.03: Nader (DC) MCCBs NDB6AZ-63H, NDB6AZ-125H

01.03: CBi DC MCBs

01.03: CBi electric QF17 - Series Earth Leakage devices

01.03: Starbreaker EN 61009 RCBOs and AFDDs

24.04: Square D MCCBs PAF Range

24.04: Ferraz Shawmut (HV) AMP-TRAP CS-3 Fuses


19.02: BS7870-4.10 Cu/XLPE/MDPE 19/33 (36)kV Graphite Black UV Resistant

19.02: ÖLFLEX® ROBUST 200 & 215C cables

19.02: AEI Firetec Enhanced cable

20.04: Nexans IFSI-EMC 0.6/1KV Cu-screen

20.04: TFKable cables supplier implementation

20.04: Doncaster Cables supplier implementation

02.05: Arctic Grade 3183AG Flex Cable BS 6004:2012 300/500V


20.04: Busbar - MEGABARRE \ IMPACT²

02.05: Schneider Electric I-LINE Track