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Beta testing version:

ElectricalOM beta - Download (2024.2.21.1)

MSI Installer download

Improvements & Bug fixes

08.01: Quick way to refresh the license from Help > About

12.01: Bunched cables option for grouping factor

16.01: EC - Extra cable/core option. This will cover the requirement to use an extra core/cable, including the final and distribution circuits. This option has replaced the emergency lighting option.

18.01: UK Forms: Setting to exclude the non-tested circuit details from the DB schedules

25.01: Ability to include the sources in the Bill of Quantities report

25.01: Show cable's installation method in schematic

25.01: New DC Circuits section in the circuit details and Arc flash area

29.01: Function to update all lighting column cables in the circuit editor

29.01: Function to update all lighting fixture cables of the street lighting arrangement in the circuit editor

New functionality

29.01: Street lighting columns auto creator



08.01: Proteus New MC MCCBs

11.01: Proteus Devices Cascading tables

16.01: Generic EV RCCBs EN 62955

16.01: Scolmore Elucian Protective devices

18.01: SE NSX breakers Cascading tables updates

25.01: Vicfuses DC

29.01: Chint RCBOs/AFDDs devices

19.02: Legrand DMX3 ACBs