Cable Sizing Software

ElectricalOM is the ideal cable sizing software

Cable sizing calculations for phase, neutral and earthing conductors are based on the following criteria:

  • Source characteristics (earthing system, fault levels etc)
  • Load current
  • Voltage drop
  • Short circuit and Earth fault currents
  • Protective devices disconnection time
  • Cable energy withstand based on the Protective devices let-through energy
  • Earth fault loop impedance checks
  • Use of earth fault protection/RCD devices
  • Touch voltage limit
  • Unbalanced load
  • Power factor
  • Harmonics
  • Motor starter type (direct on-line, star-delta, soft-start etc.)
  • Motor starting current
  • Motor minimum starting voltage
  • Motor contribution to short circuit
  • Integrated AC & DC Systems
  • DC Battery Characteristics
Electrical design software

User friendly indications and checks

During the electrical design ElectricalOM acts interactively and indicates to the user useful information and calculations. Instead of having a centralised calculation button the software intelligently re-calculates the circuits with any change and produces quick and useful indications so the user understand what's being affected during the change

  • Detailed warnings in each affected circuit
  • Warnings are grouped based on severity
  • Warnings can be easily reviewed, filtered and printed
Electrical design software

Correction factors

Correction factors affect the cable size selection. ElectricalOM considers the following correction factors during the cable sizing calculations:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Run through thermal insulation
  • Grouping factor
  • Installation in ground
  • Underground installation depth
  • Ground soil thermal resistivity
  • Correction factor for using BS3036 fuse
  • Correction factor for triple harmonic currents
Electrical design software

Power factor correction calculations

  • Required Size Automatically Calculated
  • User Defined Size and Correction Level
  • Comparison With or Without the Correction
  • Saving Using Power Factor Correction
  • Detailed Report
  • Define Capacitor Bank Steps
  • Power Factor Panel Diagram
Electrical design software

Load summation

In ElectricalOM the loads are automatically summed for each phase. The user can easily review the connected, diversified loads including any spare percentage of the selected distribution circuit

Electrical design software

Busbar Trunking System Sizing

Calculations and checks based on Manufactures specific data for busbar thermal limit and peak short circuit withstand values

Electrical design software

Discrimination (Selectivity) study

ElectricalOM checks all the protective devices in the electrical installation and warns the engineer about any discrimination problems discovered

  • Manufactured specific curves and settings
  • Over-current and earth fault discrimination checks
  • Time-Current curve checks
  • Energy-based discrimination checks
Electrical design software

Detailed and Comprehensive Reports

An intuitive and user-friendly reporting environment allows the user to choose the reports to print and including with the cover and contend pages. Reports can be directly printed or exported to pdf, document or excel formats. Various calculation reports are available:

  • Source report
  • Circuits schedule
  • Brief calculations
  • Analytical calculations
  • Voltage Drop analysis
  • Zs -Earth fault loop impedance
  • Power factor correction
  • Bill of quantities
  • Single line diagrams
Electrical design software

Watch the steps needed to complete a comprehensive and accurate single cable size calculation using ElectricalOM Software:

Cable Sizing Calculation Example

Cable sizing calculation example

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