ElectricalOM 18th Edition Ready!

 Thursday, October 4, 2018

We are continuously developing our software in order to comply with the new industry requirements and we are excited to announce that our leading Electrical Design and Certification Software is now fully compliant with BS7671:2018 - 18th Edition.

ElectricalOM will continue supporting 17th Edition so users can open projects carried out before the 18th edition and automatically convert them to comply with the new standard.

A BS7671 - 18th edition option is now added in the Regulation option and this must be selected in order to start carrying out studies using the new Regulation. The regulation selection option is located at the "Program defaults" tab in the "Project info and options" that can be accessed from the Main menu > Edit > Project info and options as shown here:

18th edition

The active regulation selection will be displayed on the main status bar at the bottom of the main screen as shown below:

18th edition

The changes included in the 18th Edition release are listed below:

1. BS7671:2018 - 421.1.7 AFDD to BS EN 62606
The user can select a combined Arc Fault Detection Unit to model an AFDD/MCB or AFDD/RCBO device up to 63A.

18th edition

2. BS7671:2018 - 411.3.2.2 Maximum disconnection times
The requirements specified in BS7671:2018 - 411.3.2.2 are now considered for the maximum disconnection times during earth fault.

18th edition

3. BS7671:2018 - 411.3.4 Additional requirements for circuits with luminaires
In domestic lighting circuits, the software will prompt to use RCD not exceeding 30mA.

18th edition

4. BS7671:2018 - 531.3.2 Unwanted tripping

The software now performs calculations and checks for RCD unwanted tripping.

5. Surge Protective Devices
The Surge Protective Devices functionality is now based on BS7671:2018 534 "DEVICES FOR PROTECTION AGAINST OVERVOLTAGE"
18th edition

6. BS7671:2018 - 536.4.202 Current ratings
Extra checks have been added to the software in order to comply with BS7671:2018 - 536.4.202

7. Terms, Warnings, and Guides
The term "Discrimination" is replaced with "Selectivity" and all warnings have been updated in accordance with BS7671:2018. Also, Guides have been modified to reflect the BS7671:2018 changes.

ElectricalOM is fully compliant with the latest BS7671:2018+A2:2022, Amendment 2, changes:


05.1901:Core - BS7671:2022 Amd2 changes: Default Type A RCD and warning if type AC is selected


05.1901:Core - BS7671:2022 Amd2 changes: AFDD mandatory in non-domestic and recommended for domestic


05.2001:Core - BS7671:2022 Amd2 changes: Included the AFDD Not required option to cover the cases where AFDDs can be omitted for specific premises types


05.2001:Core - BS7671:2022 Amd2 changes: socket-outlet RCDs to BS7288 can be used only as additional protection (Reg 531.3.4.1)


03.2601:UK Forms - BS7671:2018+Amd2:2022 Minor Works Certificate


05.2601:UK Forms - Included the EIC BS7671:2018 + A2:2022 version


05.2601:UK Forms - Ability to print the BS7671:2018 + A2:2022 DB Schedules in two pages and/or in portrait mode


06.0801:UK Forms - Included the EICR BS7671:2018 + A2:2022 version


06.0801:UK Forms - Ability to convert an existing EIC or EICR to the latest regulation version (BS 7671:2018 + A2:2022)

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