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Arc Flash Calculations

ElectricalOM includes Arc Flash Calculations to evaluate the Incident Energy and Arc Flash Boundary for each switching device in the electrical design model and produces Arc Flash Labels

The Arc Flash Study Add-on Module is a completely integrated module within our ElectricalOM Software, that enables the Engineer to perform fast and easy assessments of Arc Flash Hazards and Incident Energy Analysis.

The Arc Flash Functionality uses the Devices Settings and Current-Limiting capabilities to determine trip times based on the Arcing Fault Currents.

The Arc Flash Calculations are based on the IEEE 1584:2018 and IEEE 1584:2002 Standards.

Designing Your Arc Flash Study

To undertake Arc Flash Assessments the following steps can be performed using the ElectricalOM Software:

  1. Design the Electrical Network and Define Switching Scenarios for Studying Multiple Cases within the Same Network
  2. Select the Appropriate Cable Sizes and Protective Devices for the Short Circuit Calculations and to determine the Devices Disconnection Time
  3. Define Arc Flash Calculation Parameters
  4. If necessary, Adjust Protective Devices Settings and Arc Flash Calculation Parameters to Avoid High-Risk Arc Flash Hazards
  5. Print the Arc Flash Calculation Reports, Schematic Diagrams, and the Arc Flash Labels

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Arc Flash Calculations

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