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ElectricalOM Support & Updates Subscription Plans


Make sure you are using the most up to date Software and Quality Support from our Expert Engineers

Basic: We answer your emails and support tickets. Also you are entitled to receiving all the software updates and fixes through the internet

o   Remote support through Teamviewer

Priority: It is only available for ElectricalOM Advanced and Includes the Basic Support & Updates Plan features plus:

o   Priority response to the support requests

Premium: It is only available for ElectricalOM Ultimate and Includes the Priority Support & Updates Plan features plus:

o   Ability to request new features for the upcoming releases

o   Extra license discounts


   Support & Updates Subscription Renewal

Applied only to ElectricalOM Limited or Professional

Applied only to ElectricalOM Advanced

Applied only to ElectricalOM Ultimate

   One year subscription renewal to receive support and all the updates of the core software.
   Note: For add-ons, extra charges are applied (25% of the purchased add-ons price)

£  275 + vat

£  375 + vat

£  750 + vat

ElectricalOM Training Courses in the UK

Who should attend?

Consultants, designers, electrical contractors and inspection and testing personnel who wish to improve their skill set using the ElectricalOM interface. Training is aimed at new and existing users who wish to improve their knowledge of the software.

Aim of course

To achieve a practical level of competence enabling them to use the software with confidence, improving productivity and quality.

Sessions are divided in order for users to utilise this very powerful tool, regardless if it is for design, CAD drawing, certification, inspection and testing or compliance checks of electrical installations.


Delegate can learn to:

  • Understand and use the powerful EOM interface, drawing tools and data entry necessary for calculation to BS 7671
  • Elaborate on key information in dialog boxes, data entry and EOMs critical warning and compliance system (CWCS)
  • Develop user skills by way of worked examples in one of your current projects
  • Show how reports and error analysis can be used
  • Understand the additional special features only available in EOM

Course breakdowns

Basic - Learn the standard features of the base ElectricalOM package

  • Setting and creating the source features and functions
  • Creating the schematic Sub and final distribution
  • Designing final circuits
  • The calculation and warnings system
  • Properties, Symbols, Load Sums and Volt drop
  • The circuit details tab
  • Undertaking a selectivity study
  • Creating reports features and functions

Advanced - Learn the more intricate features of the system

  • Switchboard functions
  • Busbar Trunking systems
  • Connection features
  • Schematic functions and creating multi-page schematics
  • Arc fault detection devices and surge protection devices
  • 'Function' menu features and uses
  • Schematic drawing mode features
  • Advanced selectivity study with adjustable devices
  • Energy based selectivity study and achieving cascading

CAD Plan design - This covers the 2D floor plan and layout add-on package

  • Basic CAD Functionality
  • Import, scale and use drawings to work from
  • Draw your own floor plans and symbols
  • Using layers and palette features
  • Drawing circuits and layout plans
  • Link drawings and circuits to the core package for calculations
  • Adjust elevations and observe in 3D view
  • Apply measurements from CAD to the design calculations

UK Forms - This covers EOMs certification package

  • Setting up client data
  • Certificates and reports
  • Using the core package data for certificates
  • Observation and limitation features
  • Using the MoblieEOM App
  • Importing from MobileEOM app
  • Exporting to MobileEOM app
  • Mapping test results for lifecycle and compliance checks

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Need on-site training?

All courses can be carried out on-site, offering your organisation, especially companies who have several engineers, many significant advantages such as:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Course content tailored to suit your needs
  • Scheduled at your convenience

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