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Official release version:

ElectricalOM - Download (2023.06.2105)

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Beta testing version:

ElectricalOM beta - Download (2023.11.2801)

MSI Installer download

Improvements & Bug fixes

29.06: SPD at the incomer improvements

29.06: Copy-paste action will preserve multi supply connections

30.01: The schematic cable schedule includes the panel details when exported to excel

07.07: CAD Plan: Ability to set the scale the wiring arrows

17.07: UK Forms: Ability to copy value below in the All DB Details form

17.07: UK Forms: Ability to export to Excel the All DB Details form

26.07: Revit sync: Support for Revit 2024

28.07: Ability to hide the calculations and/or the board label of the selected circuit

09.08: UK Forms: SPD details and checks are now listed in the All DB Details window

09.08: Implementation of 714.411.202 for street lighting arrangements

09.08: Zs report highlights with red the exceeded disconnection time and Zs values

09.08: Improved multi-licensing software access

09.08: Board label fault level will include the limiting fault current too

09.08: Included the max disconnection time and disconnection time results in the schematic cable schedules

25.08: Solar PV inverter can be defined during the EOM Revit export and profiles functionality

25.08: Digital Relay settings will be shown in the selectivity analysis report

25.08: Improved Arc Flash report

29.08: Fixed the MobileEOM imported RCD disconnection times

31.08: Improved revit sync when excluding the network structure

01.09: UK Forms: Option to allow observations classified as FI 'Further Investigation' not to contribute to the Unsatisfactory outcome of the EICR

07.09: Document no. and document title can be defined in the project info area

12.09: CAD plan: Auto page's frame update

12.09: Extra switchboard function to remove and replace a supply cable

12.09: UK Forms: Ability to import the MobileEOM observations directly in the observations list, without affecting the schematic model

12.09: Ability to filter the arc flash selections based on the devices rating <100A

12.09: Ability to apply a deep listing logic in the circuit details area

14.09: Cable ID Auto numbering settings are maintaned

14.09: UK Forms: Ability to change the reference of the EICR observation based on the selected element in the tree network

15.09: Final load's display options are now accessible through the properties area

15.09: Included an extra Cable display option: CableID and Make-up

27.09: Grading margins shown in the selectivity report

02.10: CAD Plan: Ability to define the symbol's label width and justification

02.10: Grading margins shown in the selectivity report

02.10: Load end actual voltage calculation considering the total voltage drop

02.10: Transformer connection improvements: Efficency setting, x/r ratio, secondary Tap % setting

06.10: UK Forms: Ability to define the empty way description and fields text for the DB schedules

06.10: Ability to insert the project revisions table when in the Schematic cad mode and in CAD Plan add-on

06.10: On the circuit details page: Ability to select similar based on text contained in the full description

24.10: Ability to exclude the busbar sections from the cable schedule reports, in the Report Selection > General options

14.11: Quick select circuit with critical or selectivity warning in the report circuit selections

17.11: UK Forms: Ability to set the adjustable rating in the UK forms DB schedules

22.11: Ability to hide/show the way labels of a distribution circuit from the extended functions

23.11: The Neutral current included in the load sums area

25.08: Rectifier can be defined during the EOM Revit export and profiles functionality

New functionality

07.07: CAD Plan: Ability to convert binded CAD blocks to symbols

25.08: CAD Plan: URL in figures. The url can be accessed by pressing the control key and also when clicked on the generated pdf

07.09: Quick cable calc project creator

07.09: Short circuit scenarios

07.09: Arc flash study evaluation based on the short circuit scenarios

07.09: New report for the protective device breaking capacity withstand evaluation based on the short circuit scenarios

15.09: CAD Plan: Drafting mode. Displays the length and angle while drawing lines (Shortcut key F9)

23.10: RDF (EN 61439-1:2011) - Derating factor for grouped Thermo-Magnetic Circuit-breakers within a consumer unit/panel board due to mutual thermal influences


18.07: SEPAM Relay curve improvements

27.07: Obselete Ellison GEA ACBs

09.08: Improvements in the Hager H3+ MCCB range

09.08: Dorman Smith YA7H & YA8H MCCBs

22.08: ABB MS132 Manual Motor Starter

22.08: ABB MS165 Manual Motor Starter

22.08: ABB DS203NC 300mA RCBOs

31.08: ABB MS116 Manual Motor Starter

07.09: Obselete MCCB Merlin Gerin C100NF

12.09: Schneider ComPacT NSX TM and Electronic devices R 200kA, HB1 75kA (690V), HB2 100kA (690V)

12.09: ABB DC MCB S200 Type C

18.09: EATON Bussmann DEO BS88 fuses

18.09: Siemens LV HRC 3NW BS88 Fuses

19.09: Proteus MC315F-400F 36kA FTFM

20.09: Proteus Electronic MCCBs MC FAE

02.10: Siemens SENTRON RCCBs

10.10: Matt-e PEN fault protection 5P MCB

10.10: Schneider Tesys LUB38

07.11: Dorman Smith YA6H-E, YA6K-E 630A,800A Electronic MCCB

07.11: Terasaki Tembreak MCCB(obs) XS125-NJ Th/Mag 25kA

07.11: Terasaki MCCB(obs) TM-30DR

20.11: Terasaki MCCB(obs) Tembreak MCCB(obs) XS400-NS Th/Mag 25kA



29.06: Eland NYCWY PVC 0.6/1kV Power Cable

09.08: Fixed the EN U-1000 AR2V cable

21.08: Eland Low Voltage Aluminium LSZH Waveform Cable


18.09: BS5308 Part 2 Type 2 Armoured Instrumentation Cable

27.09: Eland Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) EMC 2YSLCY Cable

02.10: Nexans N2XH XLPE LSZH Power Cable

13.10: 6 Pair Power Trunk DC Cable

13.10: 4 Pair Power Trunk DC Cable

13.10: Outdoor 8 core Shielded DC cable 10mm²

22.11: Eland NA2XY Aluminium XLPE PVC - 0.6/1kV


30.08: Legrand Starline XCP-S and XCP-HP Busbars


Enable the system settings and download the files below if they are missing from your system

System requirements

The minimum computer and system requirements are:

  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® Quad-Core processor, 2.5 GHz
  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (32bit or 64bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • 1280 x 1024 display resolution

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