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Improvments & Bug fixes

03.0201:Core - Correction to the voltage level when using a CTE transformer and a Phase to Phase circuit connection

03.0201:Core - Connected load correctly displyed in Db schematic labels when using load desities

03.0901:Core - Grouping factor fixed option saving issue

03.1401:Core - Fix when importing Tysoft DBs with observations

03.2201:Core - MobileEOM import issue resolved when no isolating switch is presented

03.2201:Core - MobileEOM cable standard correctly applied during import to ElectricalOM

03.2201:Core - Fix the 'Way from' label on a new page where more than two supplies have been used and the supply board is a Distribution board

03.2801:Core - Improvments when creating the excel split board report. Now the 3rd split section codes will be removed if only 2 sections are used

04.0601:Core - Electronic devices min multiplier Ir setting correction

04.0601:Core - Performance improvements when applying changes in the selectivity study

04.2601:Core - Auto updating device settings when devices' updates are presented. Previously the user had to manually re-select the device to apply the update

04.2601:Core - MobileEOM import issue resolved when vertical style DB type was not preserved

04.2701:Core - Included the option to define the duct size in ground installations when editing the installation method from the circuit details page

04.2901:Core - Fixed total connected watts on Excel based reports are correctly considered when the panel load is set to predefined

05.1002:Core - The Analytical report will indicate the total armour of the cable used as CPC when having a parallel conductors' arrangment

05.1002:Core - Fixed the cable symbol in the schematic when Class II equipment is identified and not CPC is used

05.1002:Core - Current inequalities checks when the device used for the check is the primary device of the upsteam the transformer connection

05.1002:Core - Excel report schedules includes two extra codes for RCDType (&c_RCDType) and for circuit descrription without prefix (&c_load_description_no_prefix)

05.1601:Core - Consideration for the Electronic MCCB breaking time. An options in the selectivity study tool bar can show/hide the curves' breaking time limit

05.1601:Core - The energy based selectivity checks will use the fault level setting (min or max fault) as defined in the selectivity options

05.1601:Core - Zs and MaxZs have been incuded in the board label options

05.1901:Core - MCCB Adjustability will be indicated in the device's short descrription (in shematic and reports)

05.2301:Core - When selecting an element the associated warning item will be selected too

02.1501:CADPlan - Fix a problem when printing block figures having byblock pencolor

03.0201:CADPlan - 3D view improvements

03.0201:CADPlan - Selection fix on specific symbols

03.0901:CADPlan - Bug fix when applying measurments in assigned circuits and disposed figures are presented

03.2801:CADPlan - Improvments in dwg export when multilines are presented

04.2701:CADPlan - Improvements when selecting the assigned symbols/wiring

05.1002:UK Forms - Emergency lighting inspection certificate user interface correction

05.1002:UK Forms - Emergency lighting inspection certificate extra field to declare if the assesment is Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory

05.1601:Revit Sync - Revit sync can now sync an existing sub model without the need to copy paste/replace between multiple projects

New functionality

02.1502:Core - Bill of Quantities mode in schematic cable schedules sample video

03.0201:Core - Supply editing from selectivity study by clicking the supply symbol sample video

03.0201:Core - Custom phase labels will be displayed in the reports too instead of the standard L1,L2,L3

03.0201:Core - The spare load % will be affected from the load defined in any spare circuit

03.0901:Core - SWA effect on parallel separate cpc, in accordance with PD CLC/TR 50480:2011 (UK National Anex 4.5)

03.0901:Core - Option to define the separate cpc configuration as spaced from / touching the phase conductor

03.1201:Core - CPC Installation can be adjusted from the circuit details page sample video

03.1201:Core - Extra select similar option based on the CPC Installation setting, in the circuit details page

03.1401:Core - SPD overwrite label option

03.2201:Core - The Fixed Cg option has been included in the circuit details area in the Correction Factors page

03.2201:Core - Middle East excel schedule codes can be used now in normal excel schedule templates too

03.2201:Core - Custom front cover page for each report template. The front cover must be included in the excel template file as a worksheet with name "Front Cover" sample video

03.2601:Core - Force license deactivate on exit option

03.2901:Core - New function to insert and remove in-between sections in a Busbar trunking system arrangment. sample video

05.1002:Core - Transformer connection settings. The user can define on a downstream transformer the kVA rating, Z%, Inrush multiplier and duration, secondary connection type (Start or Delta), secondary fault level calculation.

05.1901:Core - BS7671:2022 Amd2 changes: Default Type A RCD and warning if type AC is selected

05.1901:Core - BS7671:2022 Amd2 changes: AFDD mandatory in non domestic and recommended for domestic

05.1901:Core - Extended schematic functions. sample video

05.1901:Core - Source voltage regulation considerations during voltage drop calculation

05.2001:Core - BS7671:2022 Amd2 changes: Included the AFDD Not required option to cover the cases where AFDDs can be omitted for specific premises types

05.2001:Core - BS7671:2022 Amd2 changes: Socket-Outlet RCDs to BS7288 can be used only as an additional protection (Reg 531.3.4.1)

05.2001:Core - Extra documents for report functionality. sample video

03.2201:UK Forms - In EIC when the 'No tested' option is checked, the circuit will be marked and Excluded/Existing

03.2601:UK Forms - BS7671:2018+Amd2:2022 Minor Works Certificate

05.1901:UK Forms - Email submission of completed certificates. sample video

05.1901:UK Forms - Use common numbering system for certificates. sample video

05.2102:UK Forms - Ability to exclude the observartion attchaments report when generation an EICR

04.0601:CADPlan - Purge action in xref settings, for removing unused entities

04.0601:CADPlan - Symbol and wire pen colour can be set from type properties for more flexibility

04.2701:CADPlan - Ability to clear all assigned symbols/wiring

04.2601:Revit Sync - Revit ATS considerations

04.2601:Revit Sync - Revit multi network export

05.0301:Revit Sync - MagiCAD © parameters exchange. sample video

04.2601:MobileEOM import - MobileEOM parallel cables

04.2601:MobileEOM import - MobileEOM watts per point


03.0201:Chint NB1-63 DC MCB

03.0201:ABB RD3 RCM Adjustable Residual Current Monitor Device

03.0901:The 400A Rating is now available on the ABB Emax2 devices

03.0901:Legrand DPX3 MCCBs TM

03.1201:ABB Emax2 Touch version full range settings adjustments

03.1401:ABB DME100 M RCBOs

04.0601:ABB Tmax XT selectivity tables

04.2601:ABB Tmax XT1 and XT3 Thermo-Magnetic curves revisions based on the latest ABB information

04.2601:Merlin Gerin Obsolete MCCB C100E

05.1601:Added the ABB MCCBs XT5 TMA, XT6 TMA

05.1601:Added the ABB MCCBs XT5, XT6, XT7 Electronic

05.1601:Added the Hager H3+ Range MCCBs

05.1601:Added the RCD protected socket-outlets to BS 7288 as an option in the RCD selection list

05.1901:Dornam Smith YA MCCBs additions and improvements

05.2301:Added the Wylex NHVM160 MCCBs


03.0901:6381B BS 7211 / BS/EN IEC 60502-1 LSZH DC Cable

03.0901:RV-K IEC 60502-1 XLPE PVC Cable

03.2201:N2XCH IEC 60502-1 XLPE CWS FRNC

03.2201:Eland MCMK Cable

03.2201:H07ZZ-F LSZH Rubber Single-core Flexible revised information for 3 phase

03.2801:Bounched Wavecon Cable (BWC) Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) implementation sample video

04.2601:TUFF Sheath XLPE Insulated non-armour cable

05.1002:The 120mm2 cable size option is now included when using the TRATOS-RAILWAYS® Signalling Power Distribution Cables


03.1401:DATABAR DX busbars by Anord Mardix

03.1401:Canalis Busbar KSC PE csa improvments

04.0701:Included the 1000A bar in the Legrand Starline Track Busway (Global Series) - T5C


02.1501:Misc - The setup installer will not require .net framework 3.5 to proceed with the installation


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System requirements

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  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • 1280 x 1024 display resolution

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