ElectricalOM 18th edition changes coming soon...!

 Monday, July 2, 2018

The changes contained in the new 18th Edition are published today and the Modecsoft team has started implementing the new changes proposed.
Our ElectricalOM Design Software will continue to support 17th Edition so the user can open projects carried out before the 18th edition.

A 18th edition - beta testing version will be available soon, so active users of the software will have the chance to see and test the changes before the official release.

18th edition

We prepared a list of changes for the 18th Edition, that will be included for beta testing:

1. BS7671:2018 - 421.1.7 AFDD to BS EN 62606
2. BS7671:2018 - 411.3.2.2 Maximum disconnection times
3. BS7671:2018 - 411.3.4 Additional requirements for circuits with luminaires
4. BS7671:2018 - 531.3.2 Unwanted tripping (see picture below)
5. BS7671:2018 - 536.4.202 Current ratings
6. Terms like Discrimination will be replaced with Selectivity

We are studying and considering to include/enhance:
1. Surge Protective Devices functionality based on BS7671:2018 534 DEVICES FOR PROTECTION AGAINST OVERVOLTAGE
2. Energy efficient panel placement using barycentre Method 2D & 3D will be included in our CAD Plan design add-on - BS7671:2018 : APPENDIX 17 ENERGY EFFICIENCY
3. Design with considering energy efficiency during the life-cycle of the installation. We have recently published a relevant paper about this: Cost-effective optimization for an energy efficient design of electrical installations of buildings - IEEE Conference Publication -

For the Certification module:
1. Include to the test results the Insulation Resistance Test Voltage
2. Include to the test results the Manual AFDD Test Button Operation
3. Record only one RCD disconnection time (before was for 1xIΔn and 5xIΔn)
4. Changes in Schedule of Inspections, Condition Report inspection schedule, Minor Works, Electrical Installation Certificate and Electrical Installation Condition Report

We are still studying and getting informed about the new regulation so more stuff might be included.

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