ABB MCB and TMax XT Updates
We updated our curves related with ABB MCBs and also updated ABB Tmax XT devices data to keep up...
Adjustable generic devices
We redesigned the increment options so you can adjust generic devices better and more precise.
Areva Micom Relays
Protective device list now includes Areva's P12x series MiCOM relays with setting options.
Eaton ARMS Setting
We now have added devices with Eaton’s Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System TM (ARMS). It is...
Eaton MCCBs and ACBs
ElectricalOM's Eaton MCCB and ACB lists are fully revised and now includes formerly missing and...
Generic Relay with stages
ElectricalOM's protective device list now includes an option for a staged relay under Generic...
IEC 60127-2 fuses
Protective device list now includes IEC 60127-2 fuses.
Legrand's DX3 series MCBs
Protective device list now includes Legrand's DX3 series MCBs.
Merlin Gerin VIP300 Protection Relay
Protective device list of High Voltage Protection now includes Merlin Gerin Sepam S2000 and...
Schneider Electric TeSys U Motor Starters
Protective device list now includes Schneider Electric's TeSys U motor starters under MCCB option.