Webinar on Arc Flash Add-On 22th February 2022

 Monday, February 7, 2022

ElectricalOM has teamed up with Mr Mike Frain to deliver our latest Webinar on Arc Flash Studies.

Mike will share his knowledge on Arc Flash and will also discuss his latest publication The European Arc Flash Guide which is based upon a bedrock of risk management methodology using the 4Ps of Predict, Prevent, Process and Protect to ensure that arc flash hazards are systematically identified, analysed, and prevented from causing harm.

ElectricalOM, will then walk you through our Arc Flash Studies Add-On to show how this can be essential for anyone evaluating Arc Flash in LV systems and producing the relevant warning labels, schematics, and reports.

As always, we will be answering questions via chat, during the session and you can also send us any questions you have to so we can address these live on screen for you

Who should attend?

Our Webinars are presented from a Technical perspective and tailored around the activities of Electrical Consultants, Designers, Contractors and Engineers involved with Inspection and Testing especially in Arc Flash Risk Assessments. Each webinar is designed for companies to learn new and intuitive ways to produce accurate and detailed, technical schematics and reports, for their clients or internal projects.

Free Book!

We will be picking one lucky attendee who will receive a free copy of Mike Frain's Book and also we will be giving away Free Copies with every purchase of our Arc Flash Study Add-On. 

Details & Registration

Time: 22th February 16:00 PM / UK 

Free Registration to Attend

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