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 Thursday, October 8, 2020

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v2020.10 is Here

We have updated ElectricalOM to version 2020.10. In this version, we have made many improvements and implemented new features based on users' requests and feedback. To update the software, please download and install directly from here:



Download the new version only if you have an active support/updates subscription. To renew your support/updates subscription please contact us.
Also, during the installation of the new version deactivate your antivirus as it might block the setup.

What's new?

New functionality and enhancements

1. Circuit Templates

The new circuit templates feature will speed up the input process. Using circuit templates you can predefine the circuits you are mostly using in your models and directly use them when starting a new project. The video below showcases the new functionality:

2. Reinforced Breaking Capacity

Cascading/Back-up protection tables are now included in the library. This will allow the Reinforced breaking capacity checks for the implementation of the Cascading/Back-up protection scheme.

Reinforced breaking capacity

3. Capacitor based UPS Charging Mode

The UPS component can be adjusted to consider the UPS's battery charging current to be capacitor-based.
Capacitor based UPS charging mode

4. Cable Schedules Panel Details

A new option is now available at the schematic cable schedules for including the panel details.

panel header

5. Cable Schedule Templates

The user can now save the schematic cable schedules column selections and panel details in templates for quick access.

6. Dynamic Schematic Cable Schedules

In the new version, the user will be able to auto-update any schematic cable schedule inserted in the schematic pages. With a single click all cable schedules will be refreshed to reflect the current state of the electrical installation.

dynamic schedules

7. Parallel Protective Devices Selectivity Checks

The user can now perform selectivity checks against parallel protective device arrangements. A parallel protective device arrangement is implemented when creating parallel incoming supplies to the equipment like Switchboards, UPSs, Rectifiers etc.

parallel protection

8. Min-Max Time-Current curve range for Electronic Adjustable Devices

The user can choose to use the Min-Max time-current curve tolerances for the Electronic adjustable devices. This will affect the behaviour of the device when calculating the disconnection time and when performing selectivity checks.

min-max range

9. Direct insertion of switchboard coupling sections

A new function has been added in the switchboard functions to allow the quick insertion of coupling sections, before and/or after a switchboard.


10. HV/MV enhancements

In the new version, we have made some improvements when defining HV settings. In particular, the user can now define the MV cable selection supplying the substation panel. This will affect the fault level calculations at the primary and secondary side of the main LV transformer.

MV cable
Also, the user can now define an LV current limiting fuse operating considering a Current Transformer (CT) connected, as the device at the primaty side of the LV transformer.


11. Extra CPC installation option

The new CPC installation option allows the CPC to be installed as a core of the cable with additional separate conductors. This option applies only to multicore cables.


12. Renewable resource load kind

The new load kind can be selected when the engineer wants to specify the connection point of a renewable source (e.g the connection from a panel to the PV inverter). The load defined at the renewable source is used only for sizing the equipment of a renewable source and is not going to contribute to the total load summations of the network.


13. Notes & Revisions in each Distribution Circuit

The user can specify notes and revisions for each panel.


14. Part no. at the material cost list

The user can define the part no. of each material used in the project. The part no. will appear at the bill of quantities report.


15. Custom schematic page size

The user can now define the schematic page size by defining the page width and height.

custom page size

16. Auto cable ID numbering

The auto cable ID numbering will allow the user to quickly define the cable IDs in each circuit based on specific settings.

cable id numbering

Arc flash study Add-on enhancements

1. MV Arc flash study Calculations in accordance with IEEE 1584 - 2018

arc flash mv

2. Improved interface that illustrates the boundaries of the Arc flash study assessment

arc flash boundaries

3. Arc flash study locations

The Engineer can perform Arc flash study assesments at the specific locations as shown below:
arc flash locations

4. Arc flash analysis report

arc flash report

5. Improvements in the arc flash study selections for applying multiple quick changes

arc selections

Revit Sync plug-in

1. Revit 2021 support

2. Logging of the export process to help identify issues

3. Identify common panel names during the export

4. General improvements during the sync process

CAD Plan design Add-on

1. Reference label style

  label style

2. Improvements in 3D viewer

3d improvments

5. New cables, protective devices, and busbar trunking systems

Like in any update, the new version comes with many enhancements and new additions to the libraries. In particular, we included lots of cables and busbars requested by our users. We have included also legacy and new protective device ranges from various manufacturers for AC and DC operation.

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