ElectricalOM Webinar - MobileEOM app

 Wednesday, May 27, 2020

In this Webinar we will be demonstrating how you can Complete Design Details and Test Results using the MobileEOM App. With MobileEOM, all necessary information can be collected on-site and then imported into ElectricalOM.

This Enables the Engineers to Create Detailed Schematics, Cable Calculations & Schedules, Selectivity Analysis, and Produce Test Certificates and EICRs by utilising our UK Forms / Certification Add-on. During the Webinar we will be demonstrating real-life scenarios, like completing observations and collecting images of the faulty equipment on-site, assigning tests to multiple engineers, re-testing an existing installation, testing an extension, or part of an existing installation, etc.

As always, we will be answering questions via chat, during the session and you can also send us any questions you have to so we can address these live on screen for you.

Details & Registration Time: 3rd June 12:00 / UK, BST (GMT + 1:00)

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