ElectricalOM Update 2018.06.12.01

 Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We have updated ElectricalOM to version 2018.06.12.01. In this version we have made lots of improvements and we implemented new features based on users' requests and feedback.

To update the software, run it and choose "Download the new version" from the pop up message (See the Knowledgebase). Alternatively you can download the new version directly from here: ElectricalOM 2018.06.12.01

Some of the features of the new version are listed below:

1. Improved Busbar Trunking System Modeling. Watch the video here:

Busbar Trunking System Modeling

2. User defined conductor current carrying capacity (It)

This option will enable the user to overwrite the phase conductor current carrying capacity (It). Please use this option with caution and only when specific cable ratings are provided by manufactures' data. Also a simple warning will be displayed to indicate this selection.
overwrite the phase conductor current carrying capacity

3. Fuses parallel assembly

In this version we have implemented the fuses parallel assembly, allowing the user to model extreme cases where more than one fuse links have to be installed in parallel. In theory, the rated current (In) of the assembly is the rated current of the component links multiplied by the number of the fuses in parallel. In practice, taking account of the proximity of the links and imperfections in current distribution, the rated current of the assembly is de-rated.

In particular for the parallel assembly modeling of N fuses we are considering the following calculations:

Fuses parallel assembly calculations
This setting can be defined during the protective device selection. It is highly recommended to get advice from the manufacturer's specifications when applying this setting.

Fuses parallel assembly

4. Centre Tap Earth (CTE) Transformer

In the new version we included the option for setting a transformer connection as Centre Tap Earth (CTE). CTE systems are commonly used for site safety portable tools. The centre tap splits the winding into 2 sides, each having only the half of the secondary voltage with respect to earth.

Centre Tap Earth

5. RCD as additional protection only

In TN earthing systems it is considered as good proctice to perform validations of the maximum earth fault loop impedances based on the overcurrent protective device and not "rely" on the RCD operation, which in this case is considered as a additional protection equipment only. This option is now available and can be selected by checking the "RCD devices are used only for additional protection" option in the circuit editor at the circuit protective devices tab page.
max zs

6. Multi-core CPC cores selection

The user can now define the number of cores that will be used as the circuit protective conductor (CPC) in a multi-core cable.
Multi-core cpc

7. Emergency lighting option for lighting circuits

Lighting circuits can now be selected to include a check for emergency lights. This will include an extra core in the cable, to accommodate the emergency lighting requirements.
Emergency lights

8. New circuit types added

In the new version we included new circuit types in the load kind list:

  • Industrial Sockets (EN 60309-2)
  • Air Source Heat Pump

9. Grid on schematic

The Grid option (1) can be enabled to help with moving the schematic elements based on a grid distance margin (3), defined in the palletes option (2). The color of the grid line can be defined in the palette options at the colors tab page.


10. New reports

In the new version we included 3 new reports:

  • Boards schedule: Lists all boards used in the active network design
  • BTS Tap-off schedule: Lists all Busbar trunking systems with tunking sections details and tap-off arrangment
  • Connected load analysis: Produces an analysis of the load kinds used in the installation and in each distribution circuit

    new reports

11. Report selection templates

This functionality allows the user to create templates of the reports selections. This will enable fast and easy selections of the desired reports to be included in the generated print out.
report templates

12. CAD Plan design additions

Xref layers visibility

The user can now choose the show/hide the layers of the selected Xref drawing

xref layers

 13. New Protective Devices Added

In the new version we included new protective devices from several manufacturers.
Protective devices


14. New Cables Added

Two new cables types have been added to the cables library: The Coil End Lead Class 5 flexible tinned copper conductor according to BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360) and the Prysmian FP600S Fire Protection Cable.
Coil End Lead FP600S

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