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ElectricalOM Update 2018.03.28.01

We have updated ElectricalOM to version 2018.03.28.01. In this version we have made lots of improvements and we implemented new features based on users requests and feedback.

To update the software, run it and choose "Download the new version" from the pop up message (See the Knowledgebase). Alternatively you can download the new version directly from here: ElectricalOM 2018.03.28.01

Some of the features of the new version are listed below:

1. Protection relays in accordance with IEC 60255

Over-current and Earth fault protection relays are now included in the devices list. The device can be used for Over-current and Earth fault protection with available settings for each case


2. Power factor panel

For each power factor correction unit you can create its power factor correction panel. This allows you to specify the capacitor bank steps used and the protective devices for each capacitor bank.

Click the image below to see a video that demonstrates this functionality:

Power factor panel

3. New cables included

In this version we have included extra cables based on users' requirements.

3.1  Irish standard twin-earth cable

To comply with a new amendment of the Irish National Rules for Electrical Installations (ET101:2008, amendment 2.2) all new installations must use an insulated earth conductor that is the same size as the two phase conductors.
Irish standard twin-earth cable

3.2 Aluminum Waveform and Concentric cables to BS7870

Aluminum Waveform and Concentric cables to BS7870

4. New circuit schedules report with Incomers

We have created a new report for circuit schedules with incomers.

circuit schedules report with Incomers

5. Report Excel multi-page export

When exporting a report to excel it will now create a separate sheet per page.

Report Excel multi-page export

6. Generator fault level calculations include the zero sequence reactance

When using a generator as the main source you can specify the zero sequence reactance percentage which will be included during the fault level calculations.
. Generator fault level calcs includes the zero sequence impedance

7. UPS internal impedance
contributing to the fault current

UPS will also be contributing to the fault current when there is fault on UPS battery. This will be considered during the fault level calculations when the user sets the internal impedance of the UPS.
UPS internal impedance

8. Protective Devices

8.1 Schneider:
RCCB acti9
MCCBs EasyPact
MasterPact ACBs NT

8.2 Hager


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