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ElectricalOM Update 2017.04.06.02

We are pleased to announce the ElectricalOM Update 2017.04.06.02. To update, run the software and choose "Download the new version" from the pop up message (See the knowledgebase). Alternatively you can download the new version directly from here: ElectricalOM 2017.04.06.02

Check out some of the features of the new version:

1. Parallel active sources

The engineer can now choose to set parallel active sources. The sources must be identical and feed the same switchboard. The fault calculation analysis has been updated to take into account the fault contribution of each active source.

To set the parallel sources operation you need to follow the two steps described below:

Step1: Activate one of the source in parallel operation and select Functions -> Parallel source operation...
parallel sources

Step 2: Choose the sources in parallel
parallel sources

After choosing the sources for parallel operation, the sources will be set to operate in parallel with identical source characteristics and identical feeding circuit properties.
parallel sources


2. Indian Standard (IS) cable sizing

Users in India can now perform cable sizing calculations for cables as per IS 7078 and IS 1554. Ambient temperature and grouping correction factors have been updated to comply with the Indian Standard.

Indian Standard Cable Sizing

3. Symbols Legend

In the new version the user can insert the symbols legend of the schematic's active page. This can be done through the drawing mode by clicking the Symbols legend button as shown below:

Symbols Legend

Also the user can now set the default legend description in the symbol editor as shown below:

Symbols Legend Description

4. External References (Drawings / Images) in schematic

The designer can now insert external reference files in the active page of the schematic, such as drawings (dwg/dxf) or images. This is done when in drawing mode, by clicking the New Xref button. The scale settings of the external reference can be set from the properties area.

External references

5. Reverse symbol's label orientation

The user is able now to reverse the label orientation of a symbol from the schematic functions as shown below:

reverse label orientation


6. Symbol's label height and multi line text

From the properties area the user can now set the symbol's label height and multi line text.

label height and multi line text

7. Default main supply orientation

From the options (Edit->Project info and options...) the user can now specify the default main supply orientation.

Main supply orientation

8. Multi paste

To quickly create identical final circuits in a ditribition board you can copy a circuit and then use the multi paste function as shown below:

Multi paste

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