ElectricalOM Update 2019.04.09

 Tuesday, April 9, 2019

We have updated ElectricalOM to version 2019.04.09. In this version, we have made many improvements and we implemented new features based on users' requests and feedback.

To update the software, run it and choose "Download the new version" from the pop-up message (See the Knowledgebase).

Alternatively, you can download the new version directly from here: ElectricalOM 2019.04.09.02 . Warning: Please download the new version only if you have an active support/updates subscription.

Some of the new features are listed below:

1. Schematic P
ages Reordering

 The schematic pages reordering functionality enables the engineer to organize the schematic pages and put them in a specific order.

Schematic pages rearrangement

2. Quick Circuits Activation

The quick circuits activation functionality will speed up the editing process in complex projects with multiple sources and multiple pages. To activate a circuit simply right click on it and press "Activate".

Quick circuits activation

3. CPC in Extra Low Voltage Circuits

In specialized Extra Low Voltage installations where the use of cpc is a requirement, the Engineer can choose the "Use CPC" option. Also where there is an extra requirement for cpc checks under thermal effects he/she can check the option "Disconnection is required for protection against thermal effects".

Extra low voltage cpc

4. Parallel Connection Arrangements

The Engineer can now specify parallel connection arrangements for a switchboard or any circuit connection component (e.g UPS, Rectifier, Transformers, etc.). The video below demonstrates how to model a parallel UPS arrangement with parallel input and parallel output connections.

5. UPS Output Settings

In a 3 Phase UPS component, the Engineer can now specify the UPS output setting as 3Ph to 3Ph or 3Ph to 1Ph.

UPS output settings

6. Henley Blocks in TT Earthing System

A new setting is introduced when using a junction box at the origin and specifying its conductor as "TT Tails". This will enable the Engineer to model a Henley Blocks arrangement in a TT system with RCDs located at consumer units/connections.

henley blocks

7. Quick Apply Labels Orientation

A new function is introduced to allow quick changes to the symbols' label orientation (Vertical / Horizontal). The Function can be accessed through the Main menu -> Functions -> Schematic -> Apply Labels Orientation

Labels orientation

8. Clip Copy - Paste in Schematic's Drawing Mode

The designer can now use the drawing mode Clip Copy - Paste functions to easily copy figures in any schematic page.

Clip Copy Paste

9. Report's Header

The report's header has been introduced in all reports to display the user's details and logo. This will allow individual report printings without the need for a cover page.

Report's header

10. Warnings Report

The Engineer can now print a warnings report that lists all electrical design warnings per distribution circuit. For each circuit, the user can specify a note related to its warnings.   

Warnings report

11. CAD Plan Design Add-on Enhancements

11.1 Faster Selections
The CAD Plan Design rendering engine has been improved and can perform faster when selecting multiple drawing entities.

11.2 Clip Copy - Paste Functionality
The Clip Copy-Paste functionality is a quick way of copying existing items.
Clip Copy Paste

11.3 Multi-Line Styles

The Designer can now define Multi-Line styles from the Multiline Styles editor. From the Multiline Styles editor, he/she can add new styles (1), set the current/active style (2)(3) used during the multiline drawing action, add multiline elements (4) and set the multiline properties (5). Also, the editor will display a snapshot of the selected multiline style (6).

Multi line styles


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