ElectricalOM Update 2018.12.10

 Tuesday, December 11, 2018

We have updated ElectricalOM to version 2018.12.10. In this version we have made many improvements and we implemented new features based on users' requests and feedback.

To update the software, run it and choose "Download the new version" from the pop up message (See the Knowledgebase).

Some of the features of the new version are listed below:

Motor Contribution to Short Circuit

Motor short circuit contribution, if significant, may be added at all fault locations throughout the system. In order for a motor to contribute in the short circuit capacity, the "Motor Contribution to Short Circuit Capacity" setting must be selected from Circuit editor's Motor Settings tab. The contribution is calculated based on the motor's starting current setting.

Motor short circuit contribution

Define load for spare circuits

The user can now specify load settings for a spare circuit, including power factor and Harmonics %.

Load in spare circuit

3. Show/Hide cables length in schematics

The designer is now able to show or hide the cables length of each circuit in the Schematic diagrams. This is done from the Schematic functions menu as shown below:

Show length in schematic

4. Default option for showing cables length in schematics

The user is able to select the default setting for showing the cables length in Schematic. This is done from the "Project info and options" at the "Design defaults" tab.
default show cable length

5. Cable annotations

We included several cable annotations for describing the cable of each circuit. These include the Cable ID, the Cable Classification and the Cable Remarks.
Thsese annotations can be edited from the Circuit editor at the Other tab and are used in the cables schedule report.

cable annotations

6. Use of Cable ID in schematics

The designer is now able to display the Cable ID in the schematic. This is done from the schematic's properties area by setting the "Use Cable ID" value to "Yes". Also from the same area the user can directly set the relevant Cable ID.

Use cable id in schematic

7. Default option for using the Cable ID in schematics

The user is able to select the default setting for using the Cable ID in Schematic. This is done from the "Project info and options" at the "Design defaults" tab.
default show cable id

8. Cables schedule report

We created the Cables schedule report that lists all cables used in the model with their relevant annotations.

cables schedule report

Cable schedules can also be included in the schematic and/or exported as dwg/dxf drawing for CAD based editing:

cables schedule report

Selectivity (Discrimination) and Current Limiting (Cascading) Reports

We added the Selectivity and Current Limiting reports. A sample is shown below:

selectivity report

10. Total Voltage drop display in circuit editor

The total voltage drop for each circuit can now be reviewed at the Circuit editor's Voltage Drop tab.
Total Voltage drop

11. Enhancements and additions in the Circuit details environment

We enhanced the existing Circuit details environment and we have also included new sections:

  • New section for Motor Settings
  • New section for Correction factors
  • New section for Voltage Drop results
  • Right click menu
  • Include the diversified load in Loads section
  • Include the min Iz in Conductors section
  • Include the Cable ID in Conductors section
  • Include the Use  Cable ID in Conductors section
  • Include the Show length in Conductors section
  • Include the Ib and motor overload setting in Protective devices section

motor settings

voltage drop

right click functions


12. Notes in the Report's cover page

The user can now choose to include the project's notes in the Report's cover page.

notes in the cover page

 13. Cloud Revision tool

 With the Cloud revision tool the user can quickly draw cloud revisions in the drawings. The cloud revision tool can be used in Schematic's drawing modes and/or in the CAD plan design add-on.

revision cloud

14. DC Cables used in Telecommunication

We included cables used in DC telecommunication facilities as shown below:

dc cables

15. New Busbar Trunking System

We added the Schneider Electric Canalis KRC - Cu busbars.
krc bts

16. New Protective Devices Added

We included the TeSys Motor Circuit Breakers by Schneider Electric.

17. Revit add-in enhancements

Two extra functionalities in our Revit add-in are now supported:

17.1. Showing the selection from Revit to ElectricalOM and vice versa

17.2. Wiring route based on wire and element elevation


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