ElectricalOM Update 2018.08.14.01

 Tuesday, August 14, 2018

We have updated ElectricalOM to version 2018.08.14.01. In this version we have made lots of improvements and we implemented new features based on users' requests and feedback.

To update the software, run it and choose "Download the new version" from the pop up message (See the Knowledgebase). Alternatively you can download the new version directly from here: ElectricalOM 2018.08.14.01

Some of the features of the new version are listed below:

1. Din Rail Levels

The designer is able to set the levels of a din rail distribution board. This provides more flexibility in representing the schematic diagram and enables printings in smaller page sizes. Any sub distribution circuits fed by the leveled distribution board will become un-tethered and the user will have to reposition them.
Din Rail Levels

2. Din Rail Odd Ways Number

The user is now able to select an odd ways number for a din rail distribution board. Please note that this is available only to din-rail DBs. The vertical solid busbar distribution boards can only be set to an even ways number.
Odd ways

3. Lighting Columns Connection

A new lighting column connection is now available to enable the engineer to design street lighting arrangements. In each lighting column the user can install one or more lighting circuits and/or one or more lighting columns making possible the modeling of complex street lighting arrangements.
A video tutorial that demonstrates the street lighting functionality will be released shortly.

Lighting Columns Street Lighting

4. Lighting Columns Schedule Report

A new report has been added for printing the lighting columns schedule. The report lists the following information:
1.    Circuits descriptions,
2.    The cables used in between columns,
3.    The cables used for connecting the column junction to the lighting,
4.    The circuits design load,
5.    The circuits voltage drop, also indicating the circuit with the highest voltage drop in the complete street lighting arrangement.

Lighting Columns Street Lighting Report

5. Over-voltage protective devices - Surge Protective Device (SPD)

A new option for installing an SPD device has been added. This will allow the engineer to install an SPD device and set the relevant parameters with appearance in the schematic for the representation of the over-voltage protective devices.
Surge Protective Devices SPD

6. Surge Protective Device Checks

Whenever the user installs an SPD device the software will perform validation checks based on EN 62305-2 & BS 7671:2015 534.2.1.
Multi-core cpc

7. Main Bonding Conductor Guide

A guide related to the sizing of the Main Bonding Conductor has been created to help the engineer with the selection based on the regulation group 544.1 of BS 7671. A check is made and a warning is shown if the engineer chooses a value that violates the relevant regulations. The guide can be accessed in the main supply's "Other" tab page at the main bonding conductor selection.
Main bonding conductor
Main bonding conductor

8. New CPC Option for Armour Cables

A new cpc option for armour cables has been added in the cpc installation list. This will allow designers to select the cpc as a combination of the armouring of the cable with an extra core of the cables plus a separate conductor.


Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Motor Starter

In the motor types selection list we included the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) option.

Varable Speed Drive

10. Motor Starters Symbols

The symbol of a motor starter connection is now based on the motor starter type selection. The relevant motor starter symbol will be updated in the schematic to reflect the starter type selection.
Motor Starter Symbols

11. Harmonised European standard cables

A new cable standard option "EN" has been added for the selection of Harmonised European standard cables.
En Cables

12. CAD
Plan design additions

XRef Monochrome Property

By default this property is set to True meaning that the reference drawing is appearing with a single color. If the property is turned to False then the original colors of the drawing will be presented.

xref monochromo property

XRef Layers Colors and Quick Selection

During the Xref layers visibility selection the user can see the colors of the relevant drawing layer and quickly select them by clicking a figure in the reference drawing.

xref monochromo property


Dynamic Symbols Legend

The legend is dynamically updated with insertion or deletion of symbols in the drawing and there is no need to reposition it.

dynamic legend

 13. Insert Symbols From Existing ElectricalOM Project

Users can now share symbols from an existing ElectricalOM project using the "Insert symbols from file..." functionality accessed by right clicking on the symbols area. After pressing the "Browse..." button, change the file type to ElectricalOM Project (*.eom), select the appropriate project file, and all symbols used in the project will be automatically populated and will be assigned with all relevant properties.
Symbols From Project


14. New Protective Devices Added

In the new version we included new protective devices from several manufacturers (CONTACTUM, HYUNDAI).


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