Pan and Zoom are used to help the user navigate their view of the schematic in order that they can more easily examine circuits of interest. In general, panning and zooming the view are accomplished by using the mouse wheel. Rolling the wheel zooms the view, while pressing the wheel and dragging pans the view. Note that the position of the cursor will affect the way that the view responds to a zoom action.


If you use a touch pad, you can use gestures to pan and zoom.

  • Zoom in: Glide thumb and index finger apart.
  • Zoom out: Pinch thumb and index finger together.
  • Pan: Use a two-finger swipe in the direction that you want to move the view.

From the schematic tool bar you can also perform zoom actions.To zoom to the extents of the figures in the drawing press the Zoom All button (1). To zoom to a rectangular area of your specification, click the Zoom Window button (2) and then specify opposing corners of this area.