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Calculations & Checks / Containment calculator
« Last post by toddwebb on 15 March 2024, 10:58 »
A good addition to the software would be a containment calculator for sizing multiple containment types

Having options and reports to show calculations to BS8519 Annex E guidance, would be a handy feature. Especially with the Building safety act being implemented.

I appreciate this would be some investment.

Thank you for the feedback. We have adjusted this and the sheath will be considered too. Please see the example below:

I passed this to dev team. They will look into this.
ElectricalOM for Advanced Users / Re: Distribution Board Schedule information
« Last post by Mert on 20 February 2024, 06:50 »

Incomer device is defined using the subordinate tab, Incomer, of Protective Devices tab of Circuit Edit module, and this will be displayed on the Boards Schedule.

You can define the rest using Other tab of Circuit Edit, however, these will not be shown on the report. We  may add those to the report as per your request in coming updates.
ElectricalOM for Advanced Users / Distribution Board Schedule information
« Last post by toddwebb on 19 February 2024, 13:56 »
How do you include the following information onto distribution board schedules when automatically generating it?

Incoming device / rating
Busbar rating of the board
Form and IP Rating
When generating distribution schedules with MICC cabling, utilising the sheath.

The DB schedule does not detail the sheath as being used as the CPC.

Can this be amended to detail that the sheath is being utilised.


The current release has an option for an additional core for lighting circuits that only cover the emergency lighting case. We modified this and in the new beta version, we will cover any case with the option "EC" - Extra core/conductor as shown below:

Is there an option to advise the installer that a Three Core and Earth wil be required for Domestic Fire Alarm Circuit and I can only see Twin and Earth.

This is also an option for cabling between certain luminainre with integral controls.
ElectricalOM for Advanced Users / Re: Surge Protection Kit
« Last post by Mert on 11 December 2023, 05:23 »

You can try to select the board you want the SPD protect, and navigate to Protective Devices tab of the Circuit Editor. You will see subordinate tabs one of them is Surge protection. You can tick the Use SPD at Incomer box and this will insert an SPD at the incomer side of the selected board.


Calculations & Checks / Re: Conduit Sizing
« Last post by Mert on 11 December 2023, 05:18 »

We cannot see all the settings from this screenshot unfortunately. However, with this cable type, circuit type and installation method EOM suggests a conduit size of 16. I tested this, by the way. I would re-check the settings and parameters, and re-check the conduit size dropdown list. If these do not work please contact support.

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