Objects appearing in the drawing are specified by their geometry.

1. Line

A line is specified by two points, the start point and the end point. Lines can be one segment or a series of connected segments, but each segment is a separate line object.

2. Polyline

This object is composed of line and arc (bulges) segments.


A rectangle is defined by two points: the upper left and the lower right corner.


A full circle is defined by its center point and its radius.


An ellipse is determined by its center, and major and minor axes.

6. Arc

A circular arc is defined by the center point, the radius, the start angle and the end angle. An arc is always drawn anti-clockwise from the start angle to the end angle. The start point and end point properties of an arc are calculated through the start angle, end angle and radius properties.

7. Text

Text can be added to the drawing. The point must be specified where the text will begin. Then the angle of rotation must be specified. After that actual text content can be specified.

8. Multiline

Two or more lines in one object.