Critical warnings are those that have to be resolved. The user will not be able to move forward to the completion of the study if critical warnings are outstanding. These warnings have primarily to do with errors found by checks to the model, and for project configurations out of compliance with regulation.

Voltage Drop Check

Voltage Drop Within Final Circuit for a Private Supply

Touch Voltage Limit Check

Ring Sockets Check

RCD Device Required for Circuit Check

Maximum Permitted Disconnection Time at Earth Fault Check

CPC Adiabatic Check

Maximum Earth Fault Loop Impedance Check

Design Current and Current Curring Capacity Checks

Phase Conductor Adiabatic Check

Busbar Trunking System Short-Circuit Peak Withstand Check

Ultimate Breaking Capacity of the Circuit's Protective Device Check

Ultimate Breaking Capacity of the Incomer Protective Device Check

Rating of the Incomer Switch/Isolator Check

Rating of the Incomer Overcurrent Protective Device Check

Neutral Conductor Current Carrying Capacity Check

Neutral Current Protective Device Rating Check

Motor Starter Overload Check

UPS Power Rating Check

Transfer Switch Load Rating Check

Source Load Capacity Check

Source Earthing Conductor Adiabatic Check