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28/03/2018 - ElectricalOM Update 2018.03.28.01
We have updated ElectricalOM to version 2018.03.28.01. In this version we have made...

29/01/2018 - ElectricalOM Update 2018.01.28.01
We have updated ElectricalOM to version 2018.01.28.01. This version includes many new...

18/01/2018 - Modecsoft ElectricalOM Design Software at Elex Alexandra Palace
The first ElexShow of 2018 will be held in London on Wednesday 31st Jan &...

ElectricalOM CAD Plan Design Tutorial

ElectricalOM CAD Plan design Tutorial

Watch how you can use the CAD Plan Design add-on to create plan design drawings and at the same time create the schematic diagram to calculate the installation

Cable Sizing Calculation Example

Cable sizing calculation example

Watch the steps needed to complete a comprehensive and accurate single cable size calculation using ElectricalOM Software